Vimeo videos don't have "full screen" button when published to LMS?

Hi , I understand that the full screen questions have been mentioned so many times in discussion. I wonder whether there's a quick solution to my question here. 

Why the 'full screen" button "disappear" in the Vimeo videos? No matter they are imbedded in Rise or Storyline 360. The button was there in the preview mode in Rise!I reached out to the Skyprep LMS support staff and they would not be able to fix it because the video content is from Articulate. (Attachement 1-2)

In storyline, I tried to adjust the options to make the video size responsive, but it didn't work. (Attachment 3 )


My solution is NOT to use Storyline 360 for web videos but to use Rise, making sure to set them to FULL WIDTH - videos look almost full screen and are responsive to to browser size. Any ideas? 


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Yifan. It sounds like you are embedding a Vimeo video in Storyline 360, adding the Storyline interaction into Rise 360, and then hosting your Rise 360 content in an LMS.

With that many levels of embedding, it can be challenging for the full screen option to come to the "top" of the course. You're right that you might see some difference between one LMS and another. You might also explore whether launching the Rise 360 course outside of the LMS frame (in a new window) helps the full screen option to appear.

Alternatively, if you can embed the video directly into the Rise 360 course rather than in the Storyline block, you should see the full screen option.

Let me know how those options work!