Web Export: Page doesn't load

Aug 14, 2017

Hi everyone,

I exported one of my courses as web-only. When I click the Index file, the page doesn't load in IE, but it does load in Chrome.

My entire company is on IE...is there a way to resolve this?

- Kristen

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Brian Allen

Are you uploading it to a LMS or web server? Does anything on the page load or nothing at all?

I'm assuming you're able to preview the Rise courses in IE11. Have you tried putting a Rise course into Review and seeing if any of your colleagues are able to review it from there?

I'm wondering, if you and your colleagues are able to view the courses from Review, if it's a mime-type issue with your servers. When we first started using HTML5 content we had to update the mime-types on some of our internal servers.

Kristen Schmidt

No, we usually host these on a common shared drive. Right now, I'm just trying to launch the Index file from my desktop. It will load the page in Chrome, but if I use IE, nothing on the page loads.

If I use the web link directly from Articulate, I am able to view the course in IE. I haven't tried the Review feature, since the web link was working. But I do need to export it so that I can change some of the coding and post it internally to a common shared drive.

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