Weighted line variations in Accordions

May 02, 2022

I have such a strange problem. I'm updating an accordion in an older course. When I add a tab, the weighting for the line breaking up the tabs is different than the original weighting. If I copy the accordion, it fixes. But then when I delete the original accordion the problem re-appears in the copy! I'm attaching a video to show this craziness. Anyone know a solution? I could re-create the accordions, but it's quite a lot of accordions across several older courses.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much for including that helpful video! I haven't come across an issue like this before, so I'm curious to have you try a few things:

  1. Do you notice a difference in the line weight if you zoom in or zoom out in your web browser?
  2. Do you notice a difference if you preview the lesson?
  3. What happens if you change the block background color from navy blue to white?

I look forward to hearing back!