What do you call your Rise modules?

Feb 18, 2020

Curious to learn what the consensus is on names for different types of eLearning.

For example, in our organisation we have formal eLearning which incorporates an assessment which we develop using Storyline.

However we use Rise to create SCORM content (not necessarily assessed) as well as electronic job aids etc.

We are looking to differentiate the subtle nuances to our learners - it is all 'electronic learning' but 'different' somehow ;)

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Michael Bauer

I wouldn't get stuck on names for things, or even saying "assessments MUST be in Storyline and everything else in X". If an assessment can be built quickly in Rise and it does the job, go for it. If an info only piece is done best as a PDF, or Storyline, or Rise with a Storyline block, so be it.

Use whichever tool best suits your need. A job aid is still a job aid, no matter what format it comes in. Variety is good, yeah?

Angela Gantert

Thanks Michael - yes very good point! From an end-user perspective they don't really care what we call it if it serves their purpose.

From an internal perspective we are building a matrix to help us identify the best format to meet different customer requirements/business needs. 

We may be trying to do the impossible :)

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