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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Henrik,

Any Rise courses created are associated with a particular Articulate ID and Articulate 360 subscription. 

When you cancel, you'll no longer have access to Rise. You won't be able create, edit, or publish courses. Be sure to export courses that you want to keep as web or LMS packages before you cancel.

If you want other Rise authors to edit or publish your courses after you cancel, you can send copies of your source files to other Articulate 360 subscribers before you cancel. Or, if you're an Articulate 360 Teams subscriber, you can transfer ownership of your courses to other Articulate 360 Teams subscribers, also known as collaborators, before you cancel. Here's the difference between sending copies and transferring ownership.

After you cancel, learners will still be able to view published Rise courses that you host on your own web server or LMS.

Although you won't have access to Rise after cancelling, we'll keep your online data intact for at least six months. This means that anyone who has direct links to your Rise courses on our servers will still be able to view them. If you don't want anyone to view your courses via those direct links, be sure to delete or password-protect the courses before you cancel.

If you renew your subscription during the time period when your online data is still intact, you'll have access to all your courses again.

Hope that helps, and if you need any help with renewing your subscription our team is ready to help! Reach out to them here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Henrik,

If you exported the course for LMS or Web only, that zip file can be uploaded to your LMS or web server for playback. If you want to play the course back without uploading to one of those destinations, offline viewing is supported in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Just download a Rise course as a web package, extract the zip file, then launch the index.html file.  Take a look at the information here on how to share your Rise course with learners. 

To send a copy of your Rise course to another user, they'll need an Articulate 360 account and you will follow the steps outlined here.