What is the earliest version of each browser supported for Rise?

I went to look at the Tech Specs for Rise, and for viewing on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, it just says "Latest Version." Can we get something more specific? We don't have control over what version browser everyone uses so we need to know how far back a browser can go before we just tell someone the problem is that their browser is out of date.

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Will Findlay

This came up when I got a report of issues with a Rise course (videos wouldn't display, going from item to item was overlapping things), and I found out the person was using Chrome version 39 (vintage 2014) which I am sure is the problem, but now I need to be able to say something other than "Latest Version" when I talk to their helpdesk about what version they need since always having the latest version isn't a realistic expectation.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Will, 

That's an excellent question! The browser versions we officially support are the latest versions, but if you're using a version as least as recent as the one available when Rise was released, you should be fine. Since you mentioned Chrome, that would be Chrome 54 and later. However, we always recommend updating to the latest browser version.  And given that our products and the browsers are constantly evolving, we will officially support the latest browser version, as much of the magic behind Rise’s responsiveness relies on cutting-edge browser technology.

Will Findlay

Alyssa, I like that Articulate is pushing the boundaries, but I hope you'll keep in mind that, because Rise is being used inside companies, where browsers must run multiple web applications, keeping Chrome at the very latest version at all times may not be a realistic expectation, and is almost always outside of the control of the instructional developer.

Other products give quite specific minimum browser versions for viewing HTML5 output, and this is helpful when trying to talk to the IT department. I have a hard time going to our desktop management people and telling them that Chrome must always be kept updated to the most current version or else e-learning may not work, but I would have a much easier time saying it has be be at V 54, for example.


Ashley Terwilliger

I can understand where you're coming from Will, and that's really important insight for us to to have about the impact on your team. I think it's safe for now to set Chrome 54 as your baseline based on the version available when Rise was released. As Rise evolves, we’ll continue to recommend the latest version of Chrome, and there may come a time when you’ll need to move beyond Chrome 54.