Is it possible to use more than one Pre-Built Lesson within the same Lesson?

I need to use the Process feature in Rise for a section as there are several steps. However, for one of the steps, a Labeled Graphic makes much more sense to use but I want it in the same section so the information is together. It seems as though I can only choose one setting (e.g. Process, Labeled Graphic, etc.) when creating a section. Is there a way I can use multiple methods within a section?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rachel, 

Each of the pre-built lessons (process, labeled graphic, quiz, etc.) will be a standalone lesson. Our team has heard a couple requests such as yours to be able to combine these similar to the blocks lessons - so we're looking into that set up! We'll let you know as soon as those are ready.

Thanks so much and please keep the feedback coming!