Which Tin Can LMS works best for small business?


I am totally new to e-learning, but my company is looking at purchasing Articulate 360. We need to determine the best LMS to go with for our small business. Our users are paying for each course they take on our website, and we would prefer the LMS to be able to integrate into our own website as well. Users will need a certificate upon completion. Each user would only have access to the course they paid for. Does anyone have suggestions? 

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Cass Netzley

Is your website WordPress based? If so, take a look at LearnDash, and search this forum for more info about LearnDash. There are a few threads about it on here and it has a good track record with presenting Rise based courses. It also has the capabilities of course purchasing (commerce), certificate upon completion, tracking, etc. An LRS can even be piggybacked (if you have your own WP server) via a plug-in/add-on for LearnDash. The biggest advantage aside from feature set and dev team behind it, the cost. It's an immense savings compared to a Litmos/Viewcentral or ExpertusOne *traditional* LMS option.