Why can't I edit the RISE course transferred to me?

Dec 05, 2019

Hi, I am the admin of our Articulate Teams Account. One of our team members went on a long leave and I transferred her Rise courses to myself.  I can now find her courses on my Rise view, but I cannot edit them - Rise only shows the  preview mode instead of editing mode. In the course settings I am now the owner of the course, but still unable to edit it. I even made a copy of the course to see if that helps, but still the same problem. What should I do?

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Anastasia Nikitina

Hi Alyssa, does it mean, that if a course was shared by "Send a copy" option, the recipient will always have limited functionality of the course and will not be able to upload new fonts to the course, send it to Review, generate SCORM or even just copy it to their own dashboard, so that the person could edit it properly? That`s the situation I am in right now (I am the recipient).

If so, could you please clarify, what situations "Send a copy" is supposed to be used in?

Karl Muller


"Send a copy" is used when the original version of the course needs to remain unchanged.  For example, a Rise course developed by one department in a company is shared with another department to allow them to make changes to meet their specific needs.

If another Rise user sent you a copy of a course using your Articulate 360 account email, you should automatically be the owner of that copy of the course, meaning that you should be able to do anything related to that course.

Crystal Horn

Hi Anastasia! From your screenshots, it looks like you might be a collaborator on this course, instead. That means there is just one copy of the course that everyone works on together. You'll have certain permissions as a collaborator. 

Depending on what you need, here are your options:

  • You can ask the person who owns the course to change your role to a course manager. A course manager can do everything except edit labels, transfer ownership, and delete the course. That means you'll be able to export it and update the fonts. This will apply to the single course for everyone.
  • If you need your own copy of the course to edit, ask the course owner to user the send a copy feature instead. Then, changes you make won't impact anyone else's copy of the course.

I hope that helps!