Why does PDF copy of Rise projects not include all content and formating of PDFs?

Hi all,

Attached you see a screenshot of one of my Rise projects. As our learners require a PDF copy of the content, I create a PDF of each Rise project.

I now noticed, that on these PDFs not all content is printed. On the screenshot, where the text starts to fade, there is more important information, that will apparently not be printed onto a PDF. Why is that and do you have plans, to change that sometime in the future?

In general, I am not happy with the printing quality of Rise content. It looks so terrible, that I have to edit each and every Rise-PDF and adjust it, so it lives up to our absolute minimum standards. In case you are interested, I add an example of a PDF how it looks when just generated and how I had to change it. Do you have any plans, to change that in the future?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and best regards

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Martika Cox

Hi Roland,

Thanks for posting your question.

We have a feature request logged for the ability to have more control over formatting Rise course PDFs but it’s not something available right now.

I’ve included your question in the feedback to our product team. If I can help with anything else, please let me know.