Why prebuilt lessons cannot be used in personalized blocks?

Sep 13, 2017


I would love to know the logic why the prebuilt lessons are not available when creating a custom lesson from the block option? As it is now, I'm mostly never using any of the prebuilt lessons as my content fits in custom lessons. I would love to be able to add, for example, a timeline within a block, or, a labelled graphic.

I'm not seeing the logic why they are not available in custom lessons?

Would it be possible to make them available in a future update?


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Donald Kerns

And not only do we need the ability to use the pre-built lessons as blocks, we need to be able to modify/enhance the pre-built lessons (e.g., add blocks, adjust padding, change colors, etc.). I have attached a mockup example showing the use of header/spacer design blocks inside a pre-built lesson. Currently, we cannot make pre-built lessons match our design standards...

Another issue is that the labeled graphic pre-built lesson has too much space at the bottom so users often do not see the next lesson information at the bottom. On the iPhone (which, unlike the iPad, has its Safari browser controls at the bottom), you must drag the labeled graphic up until the next lesson link is revealed and hold it with your finger, then quickly select the next lesson before the pre-built lesson scrolls back up. I consider that to be a huge bug!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin,

I'm sorry for the delay and any confusion it caused you! Sharing ETAs is a bit new for us with Articulate 360 and some development timelines have shifted. We're still working on the lessons as blocks feature but I don't have an updated ETA to share yet. 

Once we have more information, we'll be certain to share here - we know how important this is to your work! 

Eduscape Partners

I'm glad that this thread exists, because it's exactly what I came to write about today. I am "upvoting" the feature change that pre-built lessons be available as blocks. We'd use the timeline, sorting, process and labeled graphic a lot more if we could add them to a lesson as a block. I'm looking forward to hearing an update about this feature add/change.

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