Will a Rise course send information to the LMS without using the Exit Course button?


when exporting a course for our LMS, we normally use the "Exit Course" option and data for the course (ie bookmarking and test completion) get sent to our LMS. however, this does not seem to be happening if we export the course without this button. the course launches in a new window, but when we close the browser window, no information gets sent to the LMS. Is the only way data gets sent back to the LMS if the "Exit Course" button is added?

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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, David!

The Exit Course button makes it easy for learners to exit a Rise course and return to the LMS, but it isn't needed for sending completion data to the LMS. 

Strange that your course isn't communicating with the LMS without that button. Can you tell me more about your course?

  • What LMS are you using?
  • When did you publish the Rise course?
  • Can you share the published output file with me by clicking here?