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Kevan Stranges

Cmon guys, this thread is 3+ years old and this is a very simple feature request that is extremely valuable.  Language translation is a huge deal for companeis and in some cases they face legal consquences by not providing it.  You guys were monitoring this thread to capture interest and theres pages of it.  Not impressed.

When you are working with 50 modules, I don't want to export each one and load it into word and start checking word counts.  Put a parameter somewhere that stores it.

Kevan Stranges

Thanks Jig. 

I don't think I want anymore tools though :)  Either way its still an export, import/upload and then count.  If you used poedit to complete your translations I could see how its beneficial to someone though for sure.   

In my case, I don't do the translations, they are insourced or outsourced based on the project.  A project I'm working on currently is massive (for many roles and micro-module based) and export each of the course is time consuming.   Would be very nice for a little stat settings in rise that collected word counts (would be great if it counted media items too - images, embedded videos, etc) - but the last part is probably wishful thinking.