WordPress+LMS plugin+Articulate Rise - what is the best combo?

Hi guys!


We have a WP website where we want to upload courses made in AR (mostly for mobile eLearning) and manage them: give/sell access to users (around 200-300 people, in the beginning), track their answers to questions etc. 

I'm new to WP so would like to understand what LMS plugin to use and will it be enough to complete my tasks or need something more like LRS.

For example LearnDash + Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting. 

Would love to hear about your best experience in creating your website to an awesome LMS portal :)






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Rialto Academy

Hi Alexi! I'm so glad you posted this! We are in the same boat, and have gone with LearnDash + TinCanny LearnDash Reporting for selling and managing courses on our WP site.

We are currently preparing to launch our first course and I'd love to connect with you to learn more about your project and we can compare notes.



Lacey Clifton

I'm playing with this setup right now.  I have the Articulate Rise demo (the health one) installed on a website with LearnDash using the 'Insert or Embed' plugin (free version).  

You can look at it right now, but I won't have it up for a long time (if you find this post in a year, no promises): http://pinwheel.education/lessons/articulate-lesson/

From what I've gathered, I will lose the LearnDash navigation in place of Rise's navigation.  I might do better to use pieces of Articulate within each LearnDash Lesson and Topic.  That way I can utilize the turn-in features and navigation completion of LearnDash as an LMS.  Otherwise, the only feature I keep from LearnDash appears to be the payment gateway.  Using the 'Insert or Embed' plugin, I also appear to lose by ability to lock content from right-click-save, which I really wanted and had already built into my site (there isn't much here right now, but there will be someday!).  I asked the plugin developer if the pro version has or will have that feature.  

If you want to use the 'Insert or Embed' plugin with WordPress, you really will have to get the pro version.  Since he made the demo video, more features have been moved to the pro version away from the free one, as in less is free now than when he made that video.  But after playing with it, it does work.  If I can get the right-click protection, I'll probably buy it and use it for pieces of courses because I like the LearnDash navigation and assignment turn-in.  But I need the pro version to get away from the double scroll bar weirdness.  

Cat Korpela

This conversation is a few years old but I'm wondering the same thing. So far, it seems that I will have to purchase LearnDash and then get an add-on for WooCommerce in order to host, sell and track courses on my WordPress site. Is that right or has anyone found a better approach (preferably one that doesn't cost more money)?

Saurabh Chauhan

Hi Cat,

WooCommerce is an optional plugin that helps you in selling LearnDash Courses as well as other products on WordPress.

To host and track Storyline or Rise content (HTML5, SCORM, xAPI, and cm5 package supported), you need a plugin like GrassBlade xAPI Companion.

It allows you to upload the eLearning package on WordPress that you can add to the LearnDash lesson, topic, and quiz page.

For tracking, you can connect to any free or paid learning record store.

You can check out this thread to get some more information: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/articulate-storyline-360-and-learndash