Working with Embedding Content that is Age-Gated

Hi heroes!

I need some advice on the best way to build when dealing with embed codes (mostly from YouTube). I work in the legal cannabis industry in Canada. YouTube puts cannabis related content behind an age-gate that requires a sign in to view. If I were to embed videos in a Rise or Storyline course, what behaviour can I expect if there is no user account that is concurrently logged into to YouTube and a user clicks on a link to view the embedded video?

Thank you for your input/advice! 

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Crystal Horn

EDIT: After a short delay, the age restriction applied to the embedded video in Rise.

Hi there, Sarah! I tested with an age-gated piece of content about cannabis from YouTube, and when I opened a course using the Share link in a Google Incognito window, I was still able to view the content without being recognized by Google.

I hope that helps!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sarah. I must correct myself -- The video now appears to give the age-restricted warning when viewed Incognito. There must have been a delay between me embedding the video and the restriction showing on my end. When I first tested, it worked! 🤔

Here's what I see now:

I'm sorry to get your hopes up!