xAPI activity ID / IRI issue

When exporting as xAPI rise creates activity ids like this in the tincan.xml file :

  <activity id="http://Ipso Lorem : Part One/lHgv2evYuSgsWzNx1zb86pTxgryPmdFO/cjqpngf9j002k3m5rddvqlfyh" type="http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/cmi.interaction">

Are colons allowed in the activity id unencoded? The xAPI spec says these are supposed to be IRIs. 

Can you point me to any information on how rise creates these ids?





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Crystal Horn

Thanks for giving me some time to have a closer look. Per this guide, you'll want to avoid the following characters in your course identifiers:

< > { } | \  ^  and `

You should be ok with colons and forward slashes. I see a space in the activity id listed above, and that might have been causing the problem. 

Let me know if you are still having issues!