xAPI Full Capabilities in Rise

Sep 10, 2019

I'm building a number of Rise modules for a client and they love the platform, however they are looking for a solution that will allow them to capture robust metrics from the learning using xAPI to show how learners are interacting with the content. Examples include tracking Knowledge Check selections and attempts, interaction with audio, video and interactive blocks, etc. Currently the xAPI tracking in Rise is no different than what SCORM provides. Alternatively, could the content be exported in a way that allows developers to add in their own API statements post export? Data and analytics are becoming a massive ask from our clients and I'm still only able to accomplish this by building our own custom platforms. 

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Jerry Donney

We could use Storyline blocks to add code, BUT the problem remains that Articulate will not fix the "PLAY" arrow on Storyline blocks (in Rise).  which means you can't hide the code undercover.  User is forced to see and to click the big Play Arrow on all mobile devices :-(  Please tell us that is getting fixed soon. 

Simon Smith

It's a similar level of frustration with quiz reporting. Trying to correlate useful data like the most frequently selected incorrect answer, or the hardest question is totally ridiculous.

This thread has been open for 3 years and there's not a sniff of progress. 

I have given up hope, and now we're using Adapt to supplement the lack of meaningful data. I love Rise and I would really like it to be the product it deserves to be, but that feels a long way off right now.

Kyle Cage

This theory is correct. In other posts I've seen about this topic, the company's response has been to use Rise.com (the LMS) if you want any kind of useful data. As someone who works in higher education, I get the sense that Articulate products are more geared towards corporate training because there's no way colleges and universities are going to dump their LMS and adopt Articulate's LMS.

Jerry Donney

xAPI is not intended to replace an LMS.  In an eLearning environment, they really can work hand in hand.  The LMS does need cmi5 support to report scorm data correctly to the LRS.  The current xAPI support in Rise360 could be more useful if Articulate would address issues already outline above.  Need real page names, etc.  Storyline Blocks could also extend data from Rise360 with xAPI and JS statements if Articulate would FIX the issues with "Blocks", e.g. the useless "Play arrow" on mobile devices, which prevents you from hiding code blocks. 

Jerry Donney

It goes back to one of my previous complaints (I think I even opened a feature request). Articulate allows you to view Requests that are being worked on, but no way to track or view requests or no# of votes for things collecting dust :-(  As dedicated users and customers you would think that Articulate Support would at least address the issues in this forum thread and provide an update, or a rejection, or Something.