XLF file format

Jul 07, 2021

Anyone know how can I opened the XLF file in a nice format? When I exported from Rise, the contents are total mass. The contents are all mixed up. I am going to use a human translator . I am sure the person will not be able to understand. 

FYI, I used MS word and notepad to open the file. 

Please help!!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, June. You can have a look at some of the free and low cost translation tools, like Smartcat. You can still use a human translator to do the work, but apps that work with XLF files will make it easier to format the file you need to put back into your course.

Alternatively, you can give your translator a seat on your team (if they don't already have access to Articulate 360) and send them a copy of the course to do the translations right in Rise 360!