XLIFF translation in Rise - User Feedback?

Dear colleagues,

Could you please share your user experience with managing translation of Rise courses, using the export-import XLIFF format?

With this feature a couple of years available, I encounter a dissatisfaction from our translators, who have to deal with the XLIFF files in Trados, which have a lot of purple tags that break sentences to parts and are a facilitator of human error during translation. If one wants to keep those tags - they have to try to artificially break the translated sentences into words too, which is extremely disturbing.

I've already been through support, and this is how it can get the cleanest way in the minimized way -- still too confusing to work with:

Even if you limit the tags to be displayed as a small triangles - it is still difficult to localize to different languages without having a concern of erasing those tags by chance.

Do you share the same experience or do you have a positive acceptance?
What helps you in the translation workflow to avoid occasional errors with those tags?

In addition, I found out that it is not possible to re-upload the exported initial Xliff -- without translation, the original text -- back to the same course (use case: something went wrong with XLIFF after translation and I want to restore a course to its initial state).
I was told this feature will be considered - but don't know if this is implemented yet.

Your feedback is much appreciated!

If there are any positive experiences I'd be happy to share the by-pass ways to handle it with my team.

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