YouTube Restricted Content

We have seen a recent change with with YouTube embedded videos we have placed in courses. These courses haven't been touched (I confirmed). See the attached screenshot. Has anyone else encountered this? Switching browsers can address the issue but the browser switching is not uniform. For example switching to Firefox from IE works for some users, but for others its the reversal.


We've begun testing different solutions: direct video upload, switching to another video hosting provider, etc...

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Sam Williamson

I was only made aware of YouTube's Restricted Mode recently when an organisation using one of the modules I'd developed reported that some embedded videos weren't working. Turns out any of their employees viewing YouTube using their work accounts were blocked at a Google Workspace level.

If you are – or know – the original uploader of the video you can contest the content being algorithmically flagged as Restricted. Not sure if you'll get an exemption for a dramatisation of an active shooting, so it might be easiest to just upload the video to Rise directly.

In my case the videos were related to lived experience of domestic abuse, so should not have been flagged as Restricted, but as they were owned/uploaded by other organisations the most expedient 'fix' was to use Vimeo instead; luckily official mirrors existed for all the videos I was using.