Zero-width space in Articulate Rise?

Jul 13, 2022

Hi everybody!
Does anyone know if/how it is possible to insert a zero-with space in Articulate Rise?

For those who don't know the zero-with space: It is a space within a word that is usually invisible. But if the word stays at the end of a text line, it "breaks" without inserting a hyphen. So it's basically like a soft hyphen but without inserting the hyphen. (I hope you understand what I mean – if not, just ask :))

I'm currently doing a project where we use the gender star to include all genders (e. g. "Benutzer*innen"). Some of those words are quite long, but I don't want to insert a soft hyphen because that would lead to ugly combinations like "Benutzer*-innen". 

I already tried copying the zero-with space symbol from Microsoft Word to Rise, but that doesn't work. Any ideas how to solve this issue?

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Samira Baumann

Hi Karl

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I cannot produce unicode in Rise360 (neither in Chrome nor in Firefox). When I enter the combination and then Press Alt + X, nothing happens.

For this reason, I usually produce symbols in another tool like e.g. Microsoft Word and copy them to Rise360. However, somehow Word doesn't accept Unicode. The Text Editor does, but I cannot copy the sign because it just disappears somehow... Do you have any Ideas how I can insert this Unicode in Rise?

Samira Baumann

Hi Karl

I overlooked the copy function, thank you for the hint! I tried it out both in Firefox and in Chrome, and with other symbols that worked perfectly fine. But somehow, copying and inserting the Zero Width Space has no effect in Rise. I inserted it at places where a normal space or a hyphen would divide the word, but when I insert this symbol nothing happens.

Copying and insertig the Zero Width Space into Microsoft Word also worked fine, but when I then copied the sentence (with the symbol) into Rise it didn't work. It seems as if Rise didn't know or accept the Zero Width Space...