NEW IN RISE: Process Block

New feature alert! We just shipped the latest new goodie in Rise, the process block.

Now you can add process interactions to the custom lessons you create with blocks. They’re a great way to help learners explore and understand a step-by-step process. And of course they’re beautiful and responsive to any device.

Take a peek at the process block in action:

We can’t wait to see what you create with this new block!

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Erika Shaffer

I like this new feature a lot, and the new look. However, in past courses I've often used the Process interaction as a convenient and colorful way to show a series of related things that aren't necessarily ordered. I see we can change the Step label in the settings, but the label retains the number at the end. Would it be possible to add a feature that allows us to remove the Step label altogether so that the Process interaction can be used for unordered collections of things?

Rajan Suri

Same here. It would be really ideal to remove the label completely.

Also, after the latest Process Block update, the text portion of the labels returned to my current projects. I had removed the text part of the label just leaving the numbers, but with the update it added the text part back. It seems I can change the text but I can't remove it. If I leave the step label blank it automatically reverts the label to Step 1, Step 2, etc. Is this correct, or am I missing something?

Laura Nedved

I'm using the Process interaction for the first time. Is there a way for me to embed a Continue in the last page of the interaction? The course is largely a "scroll down" navigation format. When we get to this interaction, we are asking the learner to change navigation direction from scroll down to tab left and right which is slightly disorienting. Then, when they tab through the interaction, using the arrows to navigate, they are jumped back into the "scroll down" navigation. That, or they overlook the new buttons on the left and right, and simply scroll down to click the next continue, thereby missing the content. Just trying to figure out a more streamlined navigation experience for my users.