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Irina Poloubessov

Dear Ashley,

I join Libby on this request: we would like to avoid the post processing time on the exported PDF files, as I assume the whole value of the Export Feature is to obtain the functional outcome fast. Otherwise the work amount on our side is comparable to copying everything in Word and editing there, saving PDF by ourselves  :)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Irina,

Thanks for adding your voice here. The PDF Export was initially designed for authors who needed a "hard copy" of their Rise course for compliance or legal reasons.

It sounds like you're hoping to edit the output? Could you share more about that and how you'd edit in Word vs. editing in Adobe Acrobat? Is your final goal to have a PDF copy? 

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Ashley,

I would prefer not to edit anything and use the export as a hard copy, we have a very high demand for that, thats a great and a very needed feature.

But the exported PDF cuts images (they are broken in the middle and split to two pages, this issue was already submitted in the forum of this community somewhere. We were advised to use some pdf editors for that but this is not possible. Do you have an ETA when exported PDF from Rise will resolve this issue?

Thank you very much!

Andrew Sellon

Hi, Ashley--with regard to Rise output PDFs for compliance purposes, has there been any movement on ensuring all text elements of a Rise course publish to PDF (including all flash card text, and headers of tabbed interactions, etc., per my examples of 4 months ago)?  My clients understandably still don't want me to use Rise for any of their compliance courses until the PDF output includes at least all the text content shown in the course.  Having images broken up over pages is awkward, and it would be great to fix that, but as I mentioned in my prior post, not having all the text elements present in the PDF is a show-stopper for compliance content.  

I just received a request for another compliance course today, and would love to have some good news for my clients.  As others have mentioned, the chief value of the PDF export is to be able to offer clients a hard copy version of the full course content with only a few clicks (and no editing in another software).  Thanks for any updates you can share on this point!

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,
Thank you very much,
We do not need a control feature, sorry for not being clear on that, for us it is fully enough that Rise won't break the images. It is just a solution of other free editors to postporcess Rise output is a burden. Hopefully this will be resolved soon! Thank you very much for supporting!

Elizabeth Collins

Greetings, everyone. Hope that someone can assist... When I export to PDF, I'm just getting a single blank page. None of the content that I've built.

When I published the sample course (Wellness, I believe), I have success, but not with the courses I've built.

Thoughts on where I might be off the rails?

Many thanks in advance.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm so sorry you ran into this roadblock! Gren shared with you that we're working out an issue with publishing Rise courses to PDF when the course contains a process block. I know this has caused a major hurdle for you, and we're committed to keeping you posted on our progress. As soon as this is fixed, we'll let you know!