Rise and retaining progress

With rise, if you create learning, for example like this:


Is it possible to retain the learners progress so if they close down they can come back and continue from where they left off? If so what else is required i.e. does this need an LMS?



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Michelle Hochberg

Hi Ashley, 

Is Rise supposed to "bookmark" the last lesson or block type that the learner left off at?

I've built and exported (via xAPI) two Rise courses and find that they are not tracking completion progress. When I leave a course midway, and relaunch it, I am not consistently taken back to the spot where I left off. I've opened a support ticket in the meantime...


Meghan Zarbo

Hi! I'm asking to follow up on Michelle's question above.
I've built multiple RISE courses for learners which are then uploaded to our LMS.
If a user takes the RISE course and exits the course after completing 3 of the 5 blocks. Upon returning, the progress is lost and he's not prompted to "resume where he left off", and instead has to restart the course.
Is there a workaround for allowing the user to leave the course prior to completing, then return to resume at the same place where they left off?
Thank you!

Michelle Hochberg

Hi Meghan!

So curious: what LMS are you using. We're working with LearnUpon. We've found that there's no issue with bookmarking (we get taken back to the same screen/block where left off) but that the suspend data (which retains previous progress) is not being passed successfully.

We don't encounter this issue with SCORM 1.2 exports.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michelle and Megan, 

Rise courses will resume the lesson you left off in, based on the LMS offering bookmarking capability. So for example, if you had partially completed a timeline then the next time you open the course you will be positioned at the top of the timeline, if you had partially completed a process then the next time you open the course you will be positioned at the beginning of the process. 

It won't return you to where you left off in the timeline though. The issue with the progress bar and completion circles is something our team is taking a look at as a potential bug. So I'll keep you posted here as I have any more information on that!