Rise Content when Re-Purposing 360 Teams License

I'm curious if anyone has had any experience re-purposing 360 licenses with their Teams account. I've assigned a lot out but have a situation where I need to pull one back, and I'm not sure what's going to happen to the Rise courses built by that individual once I retract the license.


Does it automatically transfer ownership to the admin, or do I have to get that individual to invite me as a collaborator and then transfer ownership.


In this case, it wouldn't be that big of a deal if it's the latter, but I can think of some situations in the past that may not go so smoothly.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christopher, 

It's a great question! 

Courses will be tied to the individual Articulate ID, not the seat on the team. We'll keep the user's online data intact for at least six months. It just can't be edited, exported, or deleted. Online data includes Rise courses, Articulate Review projects, and Storyline 360 shared team slides.

The user should transfer ownership of Rise courses to other team members before leaving the team if you'll need to edit them later. See this user guide for details.

Anyone who has direct links to the user's Rise courses will still be able to view them. 

Hope that helps! 

Christopher Lind

Hi Ashley,


That does help. Is there possibly a feature enhancement in the pipeline that gives administrators some additional flexibility on this one? My biggest fear is that if someone ever left a team on a not-so-good note or something happened to them, the source content is locked to their account forever and as an admin, I can't do anything about it.


I also find us having to bounce course ownership around all the time since only owners can export and share courses. We frequently have team members start a course but then someone else on the team wants to export it for the LMS or share the link, but we have to wait for the owner to get back to us or transfer ownership.


Just some food for thought as the platform continues to evolve. I'm a huge fan, so these are just some nice to haves.

Alyssa Gomez

This is excellent feedback, Christopher. I know our team is always keen to hear about how we can improve our tools to be more useful for you, so I will certainly pass along all of your suggestions.

Also, I did want to mention that if someone leaves your team on a not-so-good note and you need access to their content, we can help with that. Just shoot us an email right here, and we'll be happy to assist.