Send an Email Within Rise

Good morning,

Does anyone know if we can use the mailto: code to create a new email from a link within Rise? 

Example, I'd like to have a link in a Contact section that will open a new email to that address instead of the user having to copy/paste.

I tried using the mailto: link with a button, and by adding a link to plain text, but Rise is automatically putting http:// in front of it.

Any suggestions or a workaround? Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tom,

It's an idea we've shared with our team as a feature request! We keep track of all the requests we receive and prioritize them based on customer impact, the current set up and available workarounds, and time/effort to implement.

The mailto: option is one we have submitted to our team and in their hands to figure out next steps and feasibility - but I do know that the email trigger in Storyline met a few external roadblocks which I imagine could also happen in Rise.

We'll keep you posted here, thanks again for sharing your need of this!