Animated Flashcards

Illustrated hands holding a series of animated question and answer cards. 

What's inside?

A Quizmaker template with six question and answer slides.

How do I use?

You can work with the template a couple of ways. Because the file is a .quiztemplate file, you can import the AnimatedFlashcards.quiztemplate into an existing Quizmaker quiz and select only the question types you want.

Or, you can open the AnimatedFlashcards.quiz template, Save the file, and use all or selected questions from the template.

David Anderson

Hi Greg - Quizmaker offers a couple methods for giving feedback. What you're looking to use is branching feedback and Quizmaker does that really well. Here's a very quick overview of how it works: For a deeper dive into the feedback options, you can view our tutorials here: We also have a mini-course on branching in Quizmaker. This is more of a project-based approach and may be more than you need to quickly get up to speed with how branching works. Here's the course: Check out those resources and let us know if you still have questions. You can also post a sample file in our forums and we'll be more than happy to take a look a... Expand