This template design was shared in this blog post. You can view a published sample here.

In the download, you’ll find both a .pptx file (for PowerPoint 2007 and later) and a .ppt file (for PowerPoint 2003). Each contains seven sample layouts.

Jeanette Brooks

@Wilson: Yeah, the downloadable template is just the PowerPoint file with no content in it... on the published sample, I added some fake content and also made some tweaks via the Articulate menu. (For example, I added a playlist, changed the Slide Properties so that each slide's advance behavior is By User, and I changed the view mode of the course to Slide Only. I also used a different color scheme for the player.) You're welcome to take a look at the source files I used in creating the published sample! I uploaded them for you right here: The zip file includes the PPTX and the PPTA. You can unzip them into a folder and when you open the PowerPoint file, you'll see the sample content. If you publish from that f... Expand

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