Mugdha Amin

Hi Laurie, The solution to your query is mixing two tutorials by Tom to get the final look and feel. 1. Insert the picture that you wish to add to the clipboard into your PPT slide. 2. Tilt it at the appropriate angle, add border, etc. 3. Save the picture as a PNG file. (Right click the picture and select the "Save as Picture" option save the picture as Img2.) 4. Delete the current picture and insert the saved picture (Img2). It will have white space around it. 5. Select the picture > go to the Format tab > click on the Recolor drop down menu > Select "Set Transparent Color" option > click on the white color surround your image within Img2. 6. Crop the image to right size. Align it next to the clipboard. 7. Voila! Your image is ready. Have uploaded a video her... Expand