The drag-and-drop cork board is an interactive sorting activity. Use this activity to test your learners’ ability to identify and sort the correct sequence of events.

Published example

Karen Cooper

I'm really new to Storyline and could do with some help with this template. I 'm missing something that may be obvious to more seasoned users. Here's my situation In preview:   In Layout 1, the drag and drop works fine and I place the labels correctly under each Option  then I press submit. The Correct response dialog box appears. When I click the Continue button on the dialog box the dialog box disappears and green checkmarks appear but the slide does not advance. The items on the slide are then non-draggable and the Submit button is still there but is non-responsive. Something is disabling the entire slide ( I even put a previous button on there but it won't respond). Does anyone have any ideas? I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Looks like it works for everyone... Expand