Here's the file for the demo in this blog post on creating interactive PowerPoint modules. I made some videos to show what I did if you have questions. Feel free to use it for your own projects if you'd like.

Demo: drag & drop video loader

I used the fonts Pacifico (free download) and Gothic. You may need to replace with your own fonts.

Richard Jones

Hi Tom, This is great. I am building this up into a ten video course but I would like to have a quiz based on each video. That is - the student can choose any video but then they have to do a quiz straight after short video. Then they can go on to another video with another quiz. My main problem is if I have the ten videos in one section then the ten quizzes in another section how to marry them up correctly so the right quiz follows the right video. I am having difficultly storyboarding it though as it will be ten videos in any order followed by a quiz. I cannot recall seeing anything similar but possibly you understand what I am after and can point me in the right direction. I'm sure I can figure it out but for the past few days I have been going round in circles so i have come... Expand