Here's the file for the demo in this blog post on creating interactive PowerPoint modules. I made some videos to show what I did if you have questions. Feel free to use it for your own projects if you'd like.

Demo: drag & drop video loader

I used the fonts Pacifico (free download) and Gothic. You may need to replace with your own fonts.

Amy Garner

Hello Tom, Thanks for sharing. I have downloaded the template and have started entering in information relevant to the workshop I want to create however I am having slight difficulty getting the video to play automatically. The drag and drop layer appears to working well however when I move to the other layers (Getting Started, Themes, Transitions, etc. I insert my video from website (one from the MS office site) and then go to the video scenes and do the same thing (insert the same video from website) and resize the video to fit the page roughly. When I publish it to Moodle, drag and drop a video on the first screen layer (the video appears slightly larger than the slide) and when I click play the video screen appears however the video does not automatically begin to play. What am I doing... Expand