The holidays always catch us by surprise at the end of the year. “Where did the time go and what should I do about my holiday greetings?”, you may ask yourself.

I’m going to make it super-easy to create a cool holiday card. Check out this last minute holiday greetings kit. I created it in PowerPoint with a background and different elements that you can place and resize as you wish. Of course you can also create and add more elements to it!

Once you’re done, you can either save it as a .pdf or as an image (jpg, png or gif). If you choose the image option, PowerPoint will ask you if you want to save all slides as separate images or just the one you modified.

The font I’ve used for the headings is called “Lobster” and you can download it for free at FontSquirrel.

Have fun creating your holiday greetings! And feel free to share your creative outcomes below in the comments. :)


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