Arrr! Here’s a fun e-learning quiz template featuring a creative pirate theme. Shared in this community thread, this game is easily updated so you can use with your own projects.

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Ashley Freiwald

Hello Ridvan! I recently downloaded this quiz to incorporate into my course and it's amazing! I did have a question regarding the "Bomb_final.swf" video: I know that SWF files that weren't converted to HTML5 prior to Adobe discontinuing Flash in 2020 won't work anymore in Articulate. With that, I recently exported the video and tried to convert it outside of Articulate Storyline 360. However, when I tried, I received this notification: "ERROR SWF compressed file detected. Stream specifier v in filtergraph description 0vscaletrunciw/22truncih/22 matches no streams." I'm guessing this may have happened because the original video could not be sourced? If this is the case and you still happen to have the original file and are able to, may you please convert the original file to MP4 and ... Expand