Tabs templates are a super-useful way to organize info for learners to explore. And—bonus!—they make it easy for pressed-for-time e-learning developers to create great-looking projects in no time.

We pulled together 10 of the most popular PowerPoint tabs templates on E-Learning Heroes into one handy download so you can stock up on everything you need in one place.

  1. Creative Team Template: This flat-style tabs freebie includes several different layouts you can use to develop your next project fast.
  2. Punchy Tabbed Template: Try using this colorful and modern template to snag learners’ attention.
  3. Tab-tastic Flat Template: You can use the flat design-style side tabs in this layout to create custom navigation or a simple and clear tabs interaction.
  4. Simple Clean Design Template: Download this freebie to get a simple, professional layout that you can pop your info into in a jiffy.
  5. Notebook-Themed Template: This layout cleverly mimics a student’s notebook to entice learners to dive in.
  6. Semi-Transparent Tabs Template: You’ll find tons of applications for this professional-feeling tabs interaction.
  7. Accordion-Style Tabbed Template: Here’s a neat web-inspired accordion interaction layout that’s easy to customize with your own content and branding.
  8. Corporate Tabs Interaction Template: Create a tabs interaction in no time by adding a simple image and your content to this freebie.
  9. City-Themed Tabs Interaction Template: Get a clean and elegant urban-themed interaction in this freebie.
  10. Modern Notebook Tabs: In this template, you’ll find a modern spin on a classic notebook interaction with a muted, graceful color theme.

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to customize these templates, check out this series of 10-Minute Template Transformations. You’ll see how quickly you can make these templates your own!

Tina Smith