This only works in Articulate Presenter '09.

This skin was designed and built by eCreators, an e-learning company that uses Articulate software and provides course-development and consulting services. There is an English version and a Spanish version included in this download. (Thanks to Articulate user Belen Casado for providing the Spanish translation!)

The skin offers a unique, handsome design with clean and simple metallic-style trim, along with stylized buttons for attachments, help, next/back, and course exit. The play/pause button turns into a replay button when a slide finishes playing. Also unique to this player is an audio on/off button.

Note that some player features aren't used on this skin, such as a logo panel, presenter panel, slide thumbnails, slide notes, view mode toggle, and search tab. Also, if your course contains Quizmaker quizzes or Engage interactions, you’ll need to include those items as slides (not as player tabs), since player tabs aren’t used on this skin.

  • See the English version of this player in action here. See the Spanish version here. (The published samples have background audio inserted via a playlist, to demonstrate the skin's audio on/off button.)
  • After you unzip (extract) the contents of the download, just double-click the appropriate .artpkg file to install either the English or Spanish version of this player. When you’re ready to publish your presentation, click Publish on the Articulate menu, and choose the player from the Player Templates field on the Publish window. 
  • If you have questions about this skin or how to use it, feel free to contact eCreators directly.
Jeanette Brooks
Jeanette Brooks
Jeanette Brooks
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