This only works in Articulate Presenter '09.

This custom skin from Windmill Learning lets advanced developers customize Articulate courses with Flash, Camtasia, or Captivate pages, and view them in full-screen width.

Features of this skin include:

  • Pop-up course menu
  • Play/pause and transcript buttons
  • Audio on/off button (instead of a volume controller)
  • Help, Glossary, and Exit buttons
    (To include Help and Glossary content, just create an Engage interaction for each, and use HELP and GLOSSARY, respectively, for the interaction titles. Then add the interactions as player tabs to your course.)
  • Attachment tab
  • Full-screen button (to view without browser bars)

Want to see it in action? View the Advanced Skin functional demo. Be sure to click the demo's Help tab (it's the question-mark icon in the upper-right of the demo) for details about the skin's features.

Want to install this skin and use it for your courses? After you unzip (extract) the contents of the download, just double-click the .artpkg file to install it. When you’re ready to publish your presentation, click Publish on the Articulate menu, and choose "Advanced_003_DG" from the Player Templates field on the Publish window. For more details, please visit Windmill Learning's Resources page.

Have questions about using this skin? Or want to browse, buy, or learn more about Windmill Learning's custom skins? Visit Windmill Learning's website or contact Windmill Learning directly.

Anand Timothy (Windmill Learning)
Anand Timothy
Anand Timothy
Jaro Bratek