I created this crossword puzzle template in Storyline. Just add in your own words and adjust the triggers to update this game template and make it your own. And head on over to this tutorial to see how I made it.

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Hannah Christian

Thanks very much for the template!! I borrowed some of the coding to create my own version and it worked just fine. However when I copied the slide into a larger story, the correct layer stopped showing up, and it stopped recognizing the correct letters. I noticed that there are two numbers assigned to each Text Entry and I'm now confused as to which one to use. For example, the trigger says Text Entry 39, then "Set TextEntry93 equal to the typed value"... I'm not sure whether to use 39 or 93 when creating the conditions in the verify answers part (TextEntry39 (the larger title) OR TextEntry93 (the smaller text)). I have 38 letters in my wordsearch, and I have tried to change everything I can think of, from aligning the numbers up and testing both set of numbers in the conditions... Expand

Daya Nair

Thank you for the template! I used it and put a little different spin on it. I created a "crossword builder" that lets the user build one word on each screen. The next screen carries over the word from the last screen displaying the correct answer. The 2 layers are Got it and Incorrect answer. Both lets the user move to the next screen. The Incorrect Answer layer also provides the user with the correct answer before they move on to the next word. Just two slide triggers and two layer triggers (one for conditions to meet for text entry, and the other for the "next" slide) To limit the text entry only to the word in question, the letters from the previous screens are displayed in rectangle boxes and not in text entry boxes, It has helped me to keep the course clean:) For example : if th... Expand