Does the title "instructional design" really speak to what we actually do?

That's the fundamental question fellow E-Learning Heroes community member (and learning thought leader) Connie Malamed posed recently. Connie suggested that "Learning Experience Designer" is a more modern, relevant, and meaningful title. 

I decided to put Connie's suggestion up for debate in the E-Learning Heroes Community ("Does Instructional Design really need a new name?") and you all chimed in with some great perspectives and ideas. 

While there was a roughly 50/50 split over the idea of calling ourselves something other than "instructional designers,' the one thing most everyone could agree on was that we already have way too many titles floating around!

In fact, one comment that really resonated with me came from Owen Holt who suggested that there were so many options, he'd like to build a "Learning Job Title Generator." I loved this idea so much, I decided to run with it and use all of the brilliant community-generated titles (both real and bogus) from this discussion to build a "L&D Title Generator" in Storyline.

Question 1 from the L&D Title Generator built in Storyine

  Generate your new title

About this Project

This project was built with Storyline 2 using some very basic javascript and a few variables. While it can be repurposed and customized for your needs, I really intended for this to be a fun, light-hearted way for those who are new to javascript (like me!) to learn and experiment. But to get some more practical ideas for ways to use javascript in your Storyline projects, be sure to check out this rich discussion thread.

This project also features a free image from, the Google fonts Amatic SC and Open Sans, a low-cost font: Tolyer Bold, a free music track from, and a free bubble pop sound effect from

Trina Rimmer
Trina Rimmer