Here's a neat demo that lets learners control multiple sliders to determine the data that's displayed in a graph. Take a look here and then grab the download to try out this approach for your next project.

Alexej Wlassow

Maybe one could use it in a quiz? Let's say you make a course for some sales guys. There could be an input slide showing the company's turnover per product range, something like "Food -- 80 %, non-food - 15 %, newspapers -- 4% and cigarettes -- 1%, turnover total -- 100 billions". Then you want to build an assessment slide. You can simply ask to put the answers in the right order per drag-and-drop (Food - 1st place, noon-food - 2nd place etc). Or you can show the answers and ask to type in the right numbers (Food -- 80%, non-food -- 15%...). Or you can ask for the turnover per product range in absolute numbers, set the range of each slider from 0 to 100 billions and let the learner move the slider of each product range to the desired value. Wow. It was easier to invent it than to ... Expand