Here's a job aid to help you quickly identify which player properties in Storyline 2 control the color of each item on your course player.

Updated: September 2017

Jenise Cook (

Thank you, David! Yes, very glad to see the SL2 version. Quick question, in the SL2 project file, I changed the Notes text to white, per the PDF, as our current module for the client has a dark blue background in the Player, so the Menu text everywhere is white. But, now the Notes text in SL2 UI is white, so that makes it difficult for our QA people to check the Notes text within the SL2 UI because it's now white instead of black font. (Yes, the QA team revises the text inside the SL2 UI.) But, for an hourly rate to the client, this impacts the Invoice because the QA people have to change the UI text to black so they can read it, and change it back to white so that it's white in the Published player. Is there a workaround for this? Maybe I'm missing something. Looking forwar... Expand

David Anderson
Jenise Cook (

Thanks for the video, David. Very helpful. For our client's situation, the font color in the Notes pane/area of each slide needs to remain the color black. The problem is the SL2 player is a dark blue, per the client, and they want the font color in the Player's Notes pane to be white text. Black text in Notes on each slide, but white text in the Player's Notes pane. I noticed in your video that for selecting the accent color, it changes the black text to white font color on each slide. So, that solution doesn't work for us. What we'd like is probably a Feature Request. In SL1, we all could edit the font color for the Player (change it to white), and still have the black font color in the Notes area below each slide in the SL1 UI. Just wondering why that ability to edi... Expand

Bill Koza
Pete Monahan
Stuart Gover
David Fair