This download will help you include a printable certificate in your next Storyline 2 project. See a demo and learn all about how it was created and how to customize it in this blog post

Teri Slater
Tracy Carroll

Hi Teri, Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer, so I don’t really know what is going wrong with your published presentation. I did notice you have plus signs in your url: I think that can cause a problem–I would remove all plus signs from the web address. The error I received when trying to print the certificate from your presentation was: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below…” I googled the error, and saw that it can sometimes occur with Amazon Web Services, which you are using to publish your presentation: Sorry that I cannot solve the iss... Expand

Aris Skouroliakos

From all the solutions for the certificate I ended up with this one. I didn’t want to include the date or give the user the option to change his name, so I made the appropriate changes to my story file. I also wanted to have Greek characters so I modified the code a bit. In the javascript trigger the code is like this: var player = GetPlayer(); var theName =( player.GetVar(“username”) ) var enName = encodeURIComponent(theName); var theDate =( player.GetVar(“DateValue”) ) var urlstring = (“printCertificate.html?print=” + enName + “&” + theDate);,”_blank”,”width=800px,height=600px,menubar=no”); /*—————————————-*/ And your code in the printCertificate.html is like this (I am including only the line I changed): document.write(” + de... Expand

Tracy Carroll
Kevin Thompson
Tracy Carroll