Whether you're looking for a nifty way for learners to track their progress through a series of scenarios, or you're just looking for a head-start on creating your own custom menu navigation, take a gander at this flexible slide-out progress panel I've built with Storyline. 

All the coolness starts on the Slide Master where I've created a simple menu layout for learners to choose a character, and then basic content layouts with layers for opening and closing a slide-out progress panel. The progress panel shows the learner's chosen character and gives them some visual feedback on their progress. To access the progress panel, simply click the menu icon (the first one on the left) on the top bar. The progress panel shows the learner's overall progress through the entire course (consisting of 4 scenarios) as well as a subtle status indicator for each scenario — "not started" (blank), "in progress" (a circle) or "completed" (a checkmark).

View this project in action 

Don't need the characters in your project? No worries! Just remove any unwanted elements, add some triggers to the scenario buttons, and then repurpose this as a starting point for building your own slide-out menu. 


Kathleen Baldwin