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Thank you so much...I really like your template! Good job! Marie-Pierre Dionne, RN, BScN, NI, MA[ed] Spécialiste en apprentissage et développement, Soins continus Bruyère Learning and Development Specialist, Bruyère Continuing Care 43, rue Bruyère St., Ottawa, ON K1N 5C8 613-562-6262, poste/ext. 1057 mdionne@bruyere.org www.bruyere.org @bruyerecare [https://infonet.bruyere.org/uploads/Communications/Twitter%20Logo.jpg] [https://infonet.bruyere.org/uploads/Communications/Facebook%20Logo.jpg] [https://infonet.bruyere.org/uploads/Communications/In%20Logo.jpg] [https://infonet.bruyere.org/uploads/Instagram%20logo.JPG] This message and any attachments are directed in confidence to the addressee(s). If you have received it in error, please delete it and notify us immediately. Le présent ... Expand