Here's a job aid to help you quickly identify which parameters in Storyline's player properties are used to control the color of each item on your course player. If you need help with how to customize your player colors, check out this tutorial.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Naga, if you're incorporating your PNG as a logo on your player, the best size is 200 px wide by 220 px high. This is the optimum size to use in the logo panel in order to avoid scaling (scaling will always diminish the quality of your graphics). If you're instead talking about adding your PNG to your slides (rather than to the logo panel), I'd recommend taking a look at this post: Though the post mentions Presenter and screenshots, the same principles apply for Storyline and any graphics you insert (basically, it describes how best to avoid scaling of your images). And also: regarding how to remove the border around the player, it's not possible to remove it but you can make it transparent.  In the player color edito... Expand

Naga sivaji