Do your learners deal with any scenarios or situations that might take place on a phone or via text messaging? If so, this text message simulation quiz will be useful for you. It includes audio, so make sure to turn up the volume! Simply edit the text content to make the scenario relevant to your subject matter.

Download the font: Pacifico

View the demo: Text Message Quiz Template

David Cerreta
Nicole Legault

No problem, Catherine and David, again I'm so glad you took a moment to point it out to me so I could fix it! David - this was quite the head-scratcher but there was a problem with the fact that I had removed the default Correct/Incorrect feedback layers that are created when I turned the slide into a Freeform pick-one. When there are no default feedback layers in place, the Submit Interaction trigger by default jumps to the next slide instead. So, I recreated the slide but this time left the default Correct/Incorrect feedback layers in place. I just removed the feedback from those layers (I went into the Feedback Master to do that) and instead of having the feedback appear, I put the text message replies as appearing on the Correct and Incorrect layers instead. It's actually a bit n... Expand

Anastasia Wojda
Kim Gillham
Marcelo Nobrega
Marcelo Nobrega