Video presentation template designed for video tutorials. Using web objects and hidden slides, this template offers a non-linear option for serving videos in your e-learning projects.

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David Anderson
Astrid Acase

David, I am  so thrilled!  I have been doing this asset management course for awhile. The curse has four modules and I have available a bunch of very useful videos that cut production time as well. Since the specific  information available to me in asset management is not difficult, the videos help with interactivity so much!  David: For  a loooong time I was trying to design a slide where I could have all the videos on one slide. The user would simply click on one video, and move to next on the same slide and there you have it! but I became profoundly discouraged when I could not get the professional look and feel that I needed. .. But now, with the slides provided by you,  I see how it was designed and all...My point is the community of Learning Heroes is so wonderful. I am now improvi... Expand