Learn all the essential skills of the ninja in this unbelievably awesome Guru Gold winning course. You’ll be captivated by the series of engaging interactions that challenge you to solve problems, practice skills, and analyze your surroundings. It’s an engaging project that gets you hooked right from the start.

Renee Minium
Phil Mayor

Hi Renee, thanks, sorry you had problems, the easter eggs are only there to show that you need to do something to view the extra content it is not as simple as clicking on the easter egg (that will not work). If you can not complete a section click on the master icon and he will show you a video of how to complete the level. As a hint for the find the coin level look at the picture and the safe. The navigation was intentional and the aim was to get the user to explore., and with no ability to go backwards to give a real world feel to it, I did toy with different navigation elements during the design, you can try each game as many times as you like and there is no need to view the introduction again. It depends on which shuriken game you played (there are two in there) but the ke... Expand