We all know how useful Rise 360 is for building beautiful courses fast. But there’s so much more it’s capable of creating!

Take, for instance, event and conference guides. They’re a handy way to package up all the essential things an attendee needs to know—like the event schedule, session descriptions, a list of speakers, and even where to grab lunch. Paper versions are cheap to produce but bulky and a pain to carry around. Digital guides feel modern and streamlined but require custom coding or paying for a specialized conference tool. Or do they? It turns out you have another option—building it in Rise 360!

In this example, attendees have all the information they’ll need to explore a fictional conference. The experience makes an immediate impact with the combination of a customized theme and stylized graphics made with the free image-editing site Duotone by ShapeFactory. The user experience stays streamlined with the help of Rise 360 interactions, tucking away details like session descriptions and FAQ answers until they’re needed. And thanks to the Storyline block, attendees can even put together and print their own customized schedule. Want to create your own version? It’s available as a free download here.

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Bianca Woods
Bianca Woods

Ah! Thanks for that clarification. Unfortunately, there's not currently a way to add a logo on top of a cover image directly in Rise 360. That said, depending on the cover image you chose in Content Library 360, you may have a workaround. When you're browsing Content Library 360 photos, putting your cursor over a photo may give you additional attribution about the photographer and the external image library the photo is from. For instance, if the attribution says it's from Unsplash, you can also track down that image on Unsplash.com and download a copy for free there. Once you have that, you can then use photo editing software (or even PowerPoint) to combine the image and your company logo. Then upload it to your course as a new cover photo. So it's a few more steps to include a phot... Expand