Darcy Goshorn
James Jenneman

Oh! I hadn't noticed that Send a Copy function before. I can think of a couple reasons why having a copy/pasteable link would benefit me: 1) I work for a company, and I'm currently the only one with an A360 account. If I got hit by a bus (or, you know, some less dramatic reason for no longer working here), my Rise courses would be inaccessible to whoever they hire in my place. If I could create a list of URLs so that person can just re-import my work and edit where needed, that'd be a headache averted. As it is, I can't even do "send a copy" to my boss since she doesn't have an A360 account. Not that she'd want to edit them without an account, but just so she has access to it should she need it. 2) If I'm working with a client, it's easier to paste a link in an email rather than saying... Expand

Allison LaMotte